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I got to sit down with journalist Junious Smith III and discuss the reasoning of my return of Five For Frost, my future plans with it and what is in store for the revamped series.


Junious: I remember there was a time where you said you weren’t bringing Five For Frost back. What made you change your mind about it?

Me: (Laughing) Yeah, I kinda grew to hate it to be honest. It was out of my own self loathing though. I was trying too hard to be “Jaiden Frost” that I had no idea who I even was anymore and I blamed that on Five. What made me change my mind was the idea of making it what I initially intended for it to be, which was like a late night show. 

J: That being said, if you could go back in time and make the decision to never attempt a Five For Frost, would you?

Me: Depends. Are there episodes I wished I had never done? Definitely, but to wish I had have never done it at all would be insane. Rationally speaking, FIVE gave me everything I have today. If not directly, it influenced it. I wouldn’t be where I am without it.

J: What should we expect from the new Five For Frost episodes, and will there be similarities to the previous ones?

Me: It will be a lot like the old ones, except less obnoxiously ignorant. I had a tendency of indulging myself in loud mouth idiot tendencies for a laugh. The only issue with that was is that people expected that from me. One time I was at a bar and a FIVE fan came up to me and went on and on about how much they loved the show. I calmly told him “thank you” and attempted to have a conversation with him. Eventually he became annoyed that I wasn’t this “loud, foul mouth” character and walked away. Like, did he expect me to just “break it the fuck down” at that moment and give him five reasons I hated his fuck ass ugly shoes? Which, I might add, were quite fucking ugly.

J: You’ve made plenty of progression over the past year with music videos, short films and an assortment of other projects. Looking back, what can you say about your accomplishments?

Me: First or last. Naw, (laughing) I must admit my biggest accomplishment was finally getting to LA. Though, finances took me from there a lot faster than I expected, I aim to be back by the end of the summer. It was just breathtaking and inspiring to see the world I have glamorized in my head my whole life and to not be disappointed the least bit. 

J: Aside from providing the public with a popular staple, are there any future endeavors you’re working on film-wise, comedy-wise or just live entertainment?

Me: Actually, I’ve decided to work full time on Five For Frost. Right now there is a lot in store. The season that’s currently in production now is running off of an extensive 10-week business plan. At the end of the season, there will be a live standup CD as well as other projects, including a potential reality show and a full length “Late Night” version of “Five For Frost”.

J: In the previous installments of Five For Frost, you had guest stars such as Sara Lanier, Ole Greg and Mark Mayr amongst others. Will we see them again, as well as new guests?

Me: I actually hope they come back and work with me some. They’re all caught up in their own lives now. So primarily I plan to do this by myself. No studio, no crew, etc. Just myself sitting in front of a camera, “saying fuck a lot “and making people laugh. I do hope to collaborate with them again in the future.

J: Ultimately, what do you hope to accomplish with Five For Frost?

Me: Eventually having an entire full length Late Night Show. With sketches, horror films, guests, live music and much more. I aim to be there in the next three years honestly.

J: With the knowledge you’ve acquired with film making over the past few years, how much of it will tie in with Five For Frost?

Me: Well, there is a huge thing I’m working on now with Florida based producer/choreographer and 2012 Webby Award winner, Isis Masoud. It will be entirely ran off of instagram and will showcase the earlier stylings of Five. Where I would do sketches and short films based off of a concept dealing with the number five.

J: When you’re not trying to hone your craft, what do you do to relax?

Me: Club baby seals.

J: Do you have any advice for any entertainer, be it a filmmaker, artist, comedian, DJ, etc.?

Me: Yeah, never, ever ever ever ever ever get caught up in hype, fame or ego. Just create the best you can and you’ll always see results. If you don’t have fans, that’s okay. You’ll get them. We are in a world of transparency. Faking like you’re bigger will just make your real supporters feel useless, as well as being negative because you don’t have more. Support is not currency, so don’t treat them that way. You would be surprised how many YouTubers make a living off of 10,000 views a video.

J: Where can the people see your previous work and stay updated on your future projects?

Me: Follow my personal Facebook:


Look out for the premiere of “Five For Frost” this July.

You can follow Junious here:

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#occult #witch #clothing #love #satanic #metal #cult #coven  #grunge #tarot #illuminati #instagood


#occult #witch #clothing #love #satanic #metal #cult #coven #grunge #tarot #illuminati #instagood

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